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What is Anuschka?

For an artist, art is a metaphor for the countless moments he witnesses every day. Be it the beaming colors of the newly bloomed flowers or the shimmering city lights dancing in the night. The butterflies flapping their wings to freedom or the leopard staring with his mysterious eyes. It's the effort of the artist that helps to convey a story. A story that will become memorable and remind you of the endless colorful experiences of life.

At Anuschka, our artists explore that freedom and flaunt their possibilities with rich, vibrant colors. Because, for our artists, they are not just leather products, each one of them is a story waiting to be unveiled. So quite naturally, a unique and precious relationship of love and compassion develops between the artist and his art.

Each stroke of color is chosen carefully, Each theme is unique and each accessory or bag is precious. There are and will be no copies of our products. Just like there won't be any copy of ourselves. Our bags highlight this truth and finally gain a sweet spot in the hearts of our customer.

A for Art, A for Anuschka

For most people, bags are a tool. A tool that enables us to carry our belongings from one place to another and serve a functional purpose. Yet, for some people, bags represent more than just a tool for carrying things. For some, bags are a way to express themselves, be creative and make a statement.

For them, it is a medium to reflect their style, personality and interests. They are a way to express their individuality, creativity and impressions. Anuschka values this above anything else and offers to gift not just a bag but an experience that the owner shall carry forever.

Made by head, heart and hands

An idea can come up anytime, but it takes long dedicated hours of care to finally nourish that idea, so that it may bloom naturally. Here at Anuschka, we aim to deliver art that invokes curiosity in the mind of the artisan and the wearer. For the last thirty years, the Basu family has been dedicated to bringing this unique curiosity to life with their choice of ideas and artworks. But it is always the heart, heads and hands of the artisan who realizes the true potential of the art and transforms it into a masterpiece.

Beauty bonded with hope

The colors of a hand painted bag can be a powerful representation of hope. With the vibrant swirls and hues, the bag can become a beacon of optimism, radiating a sense of possibility and a reminder that anything is possible.

The bright colors can represent the individuality of the person who owns the bag and can serve as a reminder of the possibilities that come with a blank canvas. The bag can be a source of inspiration and a symbol of the hope that lies within every person.

The colors of a hand painted bag can also be a symbol of transformation. A genuine leather bag, can be a reminder that life is not static, but ever-changing and evolving. The colorful patterns and designs are a reminder that no matter what challenges we face, we can always choose to start afresh and create something new. A woman's bag that is a reminder that the future is ours to make and that we have the power to create something beautiful.

Hand painted bag are not only a way of making a living, but also a way of preserving and celebrating the unique stories of the artisans and the communities they come from. Anuschka provides an opportunity for them to express their creativity and passion through their craft and create a product that carries a unique message. A message that becomes a symbol for the endless colors that we meet every day and makes our life happy and beautiful in the years to come.

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