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Who’s Anuschka?

A brand of hand painted, high-end leather accessories, born out of artistic passion in India, that’s conquered hearts in the USA, UK, European Union, Australia. Now have entered India.

Anuschka is the power of art and self-expression. it gives people a simple and beautiful  way to connect with something so rare and special. Handbags that spark a conversation  with a single glance, shoes that stop one in their tracks, colours and shapes that make us aspire to dream in another world.   

Every piece we make is individually hand painted. The colours and elegant design are a visual feast. A plethora of abstracts, landscapes, Nature and artistic motifs transform each handbag into an object of timeless art.

Anuschka creations are contemporary masterpieces on leather. Speaks to the sophisticated woman who is drawn to a one-of-a-kind design and exceptional craftsmanship. The artisans, craftsman and everyone involved take pride in every piece and view them as distinctive works of art. Find more @

We are looking for the following positions for our Corporate Office in Kolkata, India.

Position 1 : Senior Accountant. Check Details.

Position 2 : Sr Accounts Executive. Check Details.

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