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ANUSCHKA, the Icon of Hand Painted Leather Bags and Accessories

Born in 1988, to the visionary Basu family, Anuschka is a story of artistry, tradition, and quality. That’s carved a niche in hand painted leather bags and accessories. It goes beyond simple utility to wearable works of art, that invariably start a conversation. 

This has set Anuschka apart, and true to its name, it has stood apart as a brand ‘like no other’. Impressing audiences and spreading to USA, Canada, UK, EU, Australia and now in India.

The Origin

The Basus began by teaching jobless young artisans the difficult craft of hand-painting leather, tapping their potential and turning them into skilled craftsmen.  

Each Anuschka bag and leather accessory tell a unique story, created through in-depth research, story-telling through superb craftsmanship, passionately executed by skilled artisans, in Anuschka’s studio in Kolkata.

Anuschka’s Evolution

In its 36th year, Anuschka celebrates a legacy of innovation and skillful artistry. Inspired by the original storyteller, Roma Basu, and her husband, Swapan Basu, Anuschka and now led by their son Bhaskar. They ensure each Anuschka product pushes the creative boundaries.   

Over the years, Anuschka has expanded its product range to include a diverse collection of handbags, wallets, accessories, loungewear and scarves. Besides its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, it upholds ethical practices, Fair Trade policies, to ensure artisans are compensated with comprehensive benefits.  

Anuschka has been a trendsetter in online retail platforms like HSN, QVC, SHOP HQ worldwide, upgrading broader audiences, with its unique hand-painted creations, to passionate collectors.

Real Works of Art

Anuschka seamlessly adorns prominent galleries and exhibitions. Rock Your World, a prestigious gallery in Lincoln City, Oregon, introduced Anuschka hand-painted leather bags and accessories in its collection. Recognizing the potential of these designer handbags, owner Laura Joki highlights their seamless blend of fashion and artistry and says, “These works of art that will grow in value  
and an investment in the future for the company’s artisans.” 

Each bag serves as a canvas for skilled artisans to hand-paint intricate designs on soft top-grain leather. Beyond aesthetics, Anuschka's dedication to their artisans ensures they receive fair compensation and support for their families.

Creating a New Purpose

As Anuschka continues to evolve and inspire, each hand-painted creation not only enhances everyday fashion, but also empowers communities and fosters a deeper appreciation for art. Making Anuschka not only a beautiful and unique work of art but also a symbol of the brand's dedication in preserving and innovating art forms.

Painted with Passion

The evolution of Anuschka from its humble beginnings to an iconic brand showcases the power of passion, creativity and compassion. Anuschka stands as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that true beauty emerges from a fusion of art and purpose, weaving seamlessly into the fabric of everyday life.

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