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Bivas Mondal

Q: Tell us little about your backstory and family life.
A: My father passed away when my brother and I were very young, so my mother and grandmother raised us. It was very difficult financially, so I knew I had to get a job where I could help provide for my family.

Q: Did you always know you wanted to work for a company like Anuschka?
A: A neighbor worked in Anuschka’s workshop, told me about the company, and referred me to their Manager. Initially, I joined as an office pantry staff keeping the
food and kitchen areas clean, but I knew I had more to offer. I discovered what Anuschka was all about and decided to show my sketches to Bhaskar.

Q: What is your favorite part about working for the company?
A: I would say it is the love that I get from my colleagues .

“As an artist, I believe the mind and heart of the person will automatically get transported into an imaginary world, which is full of beauty and grace."

Q: Was art something you were always interested in pursuing as a career?
A: I never took up any formal art course, but I did drawings and art projects at my school, which was well appreciated by my teachers. Initially, I was a passive observer to my next-door artist neighbor and he was kind enough to teach me at times. Later, my seniors at Anuschka gave me all the necessary support and guidance to help enhance my skill.

Q: It must’ve taken a lot of courage to show Bhaskar your work!
A: I was so scared and shaking, but he loved my work and saw potential in me. He moved me to the Art Department and put me under a senior artist to learn from. I am lucky to work directly under Bhaskar and his mother Roma Basu which has created a deep sense of love and connection with art as well as the family.

Q: How have you grown as an artist since moving into your new position?
A: I am inspired every day by my seniors, the Basu family and the company work environment. Every time Bhaskar shares his designs, I get excited because he brings so many new ideas to the table. His approval means a lot to me. So I try to help myself grow and learn by practicing my technique and constantly attempting to improve my artwork.

Q: How has this job allowed you to help your family financially?
A: Joining Anuschka has given me a smoother life and a secure future. I can take care of my mother and brother. The Health Insurance benefits that I get from Anuschka has enormously helped me to treat my mother for her kidney problem. Being able to take care of her at her time of need makes me feel that I’m finally making her proud. I’m really thankful to the Basu family for believing in me and giving me the opportunity.

Q: Any parting thoughts?
A: I want to excel in this field, learn new things and paint better every day. I want to invest more time and with my efforts and others’, I pray that the company achieves great success.

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