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Story of an Anuschka Bag

Every hand-painted bag made by Anuschka leather has a story of its own. Each tale is commemorated with the touch of some of the most skilled artisans, who have poured their love into the making of these astonishing pieces.

It is the story of art being expressed in its truest flavors to lift your mood and be a companion on your journey. A totem that will remind you of your taste for art and luxury.

The Beginning:

Every leather bag from Anuschka is unique to its main ingredient - Leather. The leather is handpicked by experts who carefully observe every single detail of the material. When it comes to finding the perfect piece of leather, artists know exactly what to look for. They handpick each hide, inspecting its touch, textures, and uniformity, just to choose the perfect material that will end up being their perfect canvas. The result is a beautiful; elegant handmade bag that is made to last.
Each accessories’ leather is chosen very carefully because we wish not to deliver you a product but also an experience that will linger with you till the end. The purpose of each Anuschka is to make it last longer than you can expect it to. We are aware that these bags will travel with you, be a part of your conversations, may even be the conversation starter and make your events special and memorable. That's the motive that dwells in each piece that we create.

The Perseverance:

The most important fact about making a hand-painted leather bag is that from the beginning till the end every step is meticulous. Even when it comes down to our art. Our inspiration, we tend to believe, comes from the belief that nothing is ordinary or common. From a butterfly's frivolous flight to a dragonfly bringing with them, the tidings of a new season approaching, when you think about it each enticing flutter carries its own fantastical story. From beautiful mermaids whose stories enchant us, and make us question the realities and myths of the ocean still undiscovered, to a regal leopard with blue eyes that once roamed freely in queen Cleopatra's castle, each of our bags is a story.
Handpainting these stories take time, effort and intense dedication. Each of our artisans goes to lengths to make sure each color, shade and stroke is precise to the point that each bag is a work of art. The inspiration takes its form and evolves into the art itself. 
Anything and everything could have been a medium to craft these wearable art pieces, but there’s a feeling of bliss in being able to have something so beautifully painted with you everywhere you go.


Inspection plays a major role in our journey because we want to be sure that the product is ready and by ready we mean that every aspect of the bag is completed. From the stitching to the pockets and the flawlessness of the leather,every detail, every piece of hardware used is observed closely because we know that these handbags are going to be a part of your everyday life. This is the reason why we can promise all our customers that every bag, be it a satchel, crossbody, hobo or even a wallet is inspected before leaving us. 

Lastly, when you open one of our bags you’ll notice a white leather tag. There’s a special reason behind this tag being white: we want you to relive the journey our hand-painted handbags went through. It's a symbol of the surreal metamorphosis of life. It reflects how life is filled with colorful experiences and how each and every experience adds up to a meaning, which finally leads to a purpose.

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