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Show your things away in style with these painted tote bags

If you're thinking of splurging on genuine leather bags, you cannot go wrong with painted tote bags. Chic and practical painted tote bags are the perfect finishing accessory you need for every look. These painted tote bags know no age. Whether you are a college student or working professional or a mom, tote bags can help you carry your world with you. Here are some statement bags painted tote bags that you can add to must-have accessories: 

Medium shopper --- Dreamy floral: 

Whether you need a stylish work bag or something that can go from AM to PM, our hand painted medium shopper handbag is all you need to look stylish and at the same time be practical.  The vibrant succulent artwork makes the bag unique. This makes it the perfect option for those looking for a handbag  that is playful and yet sophisticated.  For a casual look, carry it with denims and white top. For a more formal and party look, pair it with an LBD (little black dress). 

Classic work tote --- Regal Peacock: 

If you are someone who prefers to carry it all, our classic work tote with original hand painted peacock artwork will make you feel like a queen. The gorgeous painted peacocks amongst stunning  flowers is all you need to make you feel that every day is special. This stunning piece of wearable art will look good with denims as well as flowy dresses. 

Classic work tote --- Cleopatra leopard:

This classic handbag is a great investment which will never go out of style. It is versatile enough to be carried day to night. The double shoulder strap gives it more versatility. The artwork on the bag is inspired by  Cleopatra’s pet leopard. The original hand painted artwork makes this arm candy worth buying. This glamorous looking tote bag is ideal for soirée. 

Medium Tote --- Rainforest: 

Spacious enough to fit everything, this rainforest inspired tote has the potential to become your favorite accessory.  A culmination of comfort and elegance, this bag is big enough to fit your phone, accessories, and cosmetics. The bag can amp up any look, whether you are heading for work or a luncheon.

Medium tote --- butterfly forest honey: 

If there’s any bag that defines elegance, it is this beautiful hand painted tote  with colorful butterflies. Made of genuine leather, this bag can add glamor to any ensemble. It takes influence from delicate and graceful butterflies. The sleek and streamlined appearance will ensure that this bag becomes a treasured piece in your wardrobe.

Looking for a painted tote bag? 

If you are looking for handbags that are inspired by art and the emotions it evokes, explore Anuschka genuine Leather bags. Made of soft leather, our tote bags are thoughtfully-crafted. Beside totes, we offer hand painted satchel bags, boho bags, travel backpacks, and bucket bags. Inspired patterns give genuine leather bags a new and unmatchable look.  What our talented artisans create is more than just a handbag: they are wearable works of art that bring joy to the lives of those who carry them and to the artists who helped to create them. 

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