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Tarak Naiya

Q. Tell us about how you started working at Anuschka.
A. I was enrolled for my master in education, but had to leave halfway through because my father couldn’t afford to pay my education fees any further. In the meantime, I got introduced to Samaresh Mondal who was an artist at Anuschka and referred me here.

Q. Do any of those first moments at Anuschka really stick out in your memory?
A. The day when our main artist Soumitra Roy approved my work sample and truly appreciated it. His kind words and approval means a lot to me.

“People may simply not believe that it is done by hand, the work is so neat and elegant - it will mesmerize them."

Q. What do you love most about what you do?
A. I just love to hold the product in my hands and see the art once it is fully completed, be it my work or anyone else’s. It is an undefined ecstasy for me.

Q. What makes working at Anuschka so special?
A. It has enabled me to set some money aside to cover the cost and fees to finish my master’s degree. Anuschka has also given me the opportunity to be independent. I used to have to borrow money from my father and he always gave it to me in spite of all of his difficulties. Today I feel really happy that I have become financially capable of helping my father and take care of myself.

Q. As an artist, where do you find inspiration?
A. I get all of my inspiration from Mr. Soumitra Roy, our main artist. I also believe in being regular and punctual to work. Being consistent at work helps me to be aware of everything that is going on in the workshop, and makes me dependable so I don’t miss out on anything related to my work or craft.

Q. What’s your most valued possession?
A. My work stool. It was gifted to me by my trainer here, Mr. Sanjoy Chowdhury.

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